Introducing Devon at Hanaeleh!

Last Friday we picked up Devon, a very cute 18 year-old Canadian Thoroughbred.  Devon had hurt his suspensories earlier in the year, and was on stall rest, then ended up contracting EHV at his stable. He was very sick, but his owners were able to take him to the hospital, and after several weeks he … [Read More...]

Hoe Down Postponed

It is with with great disappointment that we have decided to postpone our Hanaeleh Hoe Down that was to take place next Saturday, May 12th. This decision was based upon several factors, and we are very sorry to everyone who had planned on coming out. We want to thank all of the people who have been … [Read More...]

A Horse’s View of the Kentucky Derby

This Saturday is the 144th Kentucky Derby. As we have several Thoroughbreds at Hanaeleh, I thought it would be interesting to get a horse's point-of-view of the race. Brutus- 5 year-old Thoroughbred I was bred to race, although you would not know it from my conformation. My mother's name … [Read More...]