Winds and Trees

It was windy at my house last night, but truly I didn't think too much of it because it wasn't that windy. Sometimes when we have high winds at my house, it is calm out at the ranch, and when I left my house that morning the winds had died down, so didn't think there would be too many issues at the … [Read More...]

6 Ways to Identify a Reputable Horse Rescue

Where does a person go to check if a horse rescue is all they say they are? In the world today, especially with the popularity of social media, it's sometimes difficult to identify a reputable horse rescue. Most rescues are reputable - filled with wonderful people who spend many hours saving horses … [Read More...]

Jewel and Nevada

We were contacted last month about a horse who needed a retirement home- she was a beautiful paint horse who had been owned by a woman who had become too elderly to care for her. She and another gelding were rescued by a woman, and she was able to rehabilitate both horses. She found a home for the … [Read More...]