Awful News: RIP Rio and RIP Freya

Monday, January 3, 2022 was so awful I don't even know how to explain it. I was called out early Monday morning because Freya was having some difficulties getting up. She has severe DSLD (fallen fetlocks) in her hind legs, so as this disease progresses, it makes it more and more difficult for her … [Read More...]


We are so sorry to report that we had to say goodbye to our Rio, a 28 year-old paint horse who has been at Hanaeleh since 2009. Rio colicced early on Monday, January 3rd, and while we called the vet out immediately, an ultrasound showed that he had twists in his lower intestine which could only be … [Read More...]

RIP Freya

We are very sad to have to say goodbye to Freya, our 28 year-old Dutch Warmblood mare. She had been rescued by a kind couple who wanted to help her, but they quickly discovered that rescuing a horse takes a lot of time and money, neither of which they had. Freya has DSLD in both of her hind legs, … [Read More...]