6 Ways to Identify a Reputable Horse Rescue

Where does a person go to check if a horse rescue is all they say they are? In the world today, especially with the popularity of social media, it's sometimes difficult to identify a reputable horse rescue. Most rescues are reputable - filled with wonderful people who spend many hours saving horses … [Read More...]

Jewel and Nevada

We were contacted last month about a horse who needed a retirement home- she was a beautiful paint horse who had been owned by a woman who had become too elderly to care for her. She and another gelding were rescued by a woman, and she was able to rehabilitate both horses. She found a home for the … [Read More...]

Teeth Floating (and more)- Part II

It had been a long, hot and dry day out at the barn, but around 4pm the horses had all had their teeth floated. We were tired but happy that things had gone so well, and the horses all seemed to come out of the sedation well and were back in their stalls, waiting for dinner. I was passing out the … [Read More...]