Titan has been feeling very good these past few weeks! He has been enjoying the cooler weather and acting very silly in the round pen, but today he seemed pretty mellow, so Emily got on him bareback and rode him around for a while. He is so easy to ride- especially bareback! We are still looking … [Read More...]

UPDATE: Austin

It's been a few weeks since we brought Austin back to Hanaeleh, and it was pretty obvious that our big boy needs a job. His feet have finally grown out and he's feeling great! We have been working him in the round pen, but that was getting boring for him- unfortunately with his blindness in his left … [Read More...]

Orange County Fairgrounds Equestrian Center

There has been some talk circulating around recently saying that the OC Fairgrounds is planning on eliminating the equestrian center. There are three different plans the Fairgrounds are considering, and it does not appear at all in any of the three plans that there is any indication that the … [Read More...]