Update: Cindy Lou 5-26-2020

This past week we moved some horses around- we took Hershey up to Natalie, one of our fosters, who has been caring for Cindy Lou and Noelle for the past six months- and brought Cindy Lou down to Hanaeleh. This is temporary- our hope is that we will find Cindy Lou a lovely new home and we will be … [Read More...]

Love and Thanks in the Time of Coronavirus

We wanted to take a moment to thank everyone for helping to support the horses of Hanaeleh during this difficult time. First of all, yesterday we reached our fundraising goal- and in 12 days! There are so many people who donated, and we want to thank you SO very much. Thank you also to all of those … [Read More...]

UPDATE: Grace is Healing from Her Accident

Last month was difficult in more ways than just dealing with COVID-19. About three weeks ago, I got a call at school (My "day job" is I teach high school) from Javier (our on-site caretaker) and Kelley (one of our board members) saying that Grace had cast herself in her stall (casting is when the … [Read More...]