UPDATE: Garnet Gets to Gallop!

When Garnet came to Hanaeleh in August, she had been living with an unchecked breathing issue for a very long time. She had been passed from one owner to another, with her breathing continuing to deteriorate. Her previous owner had tried to determine the issue and had consulted a vet, but they were … [Read More...]

Garnet’s 7-Week Update

Garnet continues to do well after her arytenoidectomy- the surgery that cut away part of the inflamed and infected area around her larynx. We have been slowly weaning her off of the steroids, and she seems to be comfortable at rest in her stall. When we took her in a few months ago, her breathing … [Read More...]

What about Bob (the Sheep)?

Last week we received a phone call about a baby lamb who had been attacked by a dog. His leg was cut and his tail was completely degloved. The owners were concerned because they were not in a position to continue to pay for his vet bills, plus they did not feel they would be able to clean and wrap … [Read More...]