Laguna Woods: Four Horses Need Homes!

UPDATE: We received an e-mail on Tuesday, June 23rd that Blaze, Baby and Moonstar have found a good home but the center is still looking for a good home for Brandi.  She has DSLD, which means her suspensory tendons have essentially stretched out and she can no longer carry weight comfortably. She … [Read More...]

Update: Cindy Lou 5-26-2020

This past week we moved some horses around- we took Hershey up to Natalie, one of our fosters, who has been caring for Cindy Lou and Noelle for the past six months- and brought Cindy Lou down to Hanaeleh. This is temporary- our hope is that we will find Cindy Lou a lovely new home and we will be … [Read More...]

Update: Quixote

We had a bit of a scare with Quixote this past weekend. When we arrived at the barn that morning, he looked good, and ate his breakfast without a problem. We exercised him, and while he was lazy (as usual), he still looked fine. A few hours later, however, when we went to give him his grain, he … [Read More...]