Guess Who’s Back? Abe, The Little Orphan Mule!

Yes, it's true- Abe the little orphan mule has returned to Hanaeleh. When we took Abe to his adoptive home a few weeks ago, we had very high hopes that he would be an exceptional companion for their gelding Rusty. Indeed, things seemed fine for several days and the boys got along … [Read More...]

Rylee’s Journey with DSLD and Recent Improvements

A few weeks ago we noticed that Rylee was having some issues and seemed to be uncomfortable and in pain. Rylee is a Peruvian Paso who we rescued in January 2023, and she came to us because she suffers from a congenital issue called Degenerative suspensory ligament desmitis (DSLD), which can cause … [Read More...]

Ulysses’ Cellulitis and His Road to Recovery

Ulysses has had a few difficult weeks. On Tuesday, April 9th, we received a call from one of our team members, Logan, who told us that Ulysses' leg was swollen, and immediately one of our board members, Eric, went down to see him. Eric determined that Ulysses definitely needed veterinary care and … [Read More...]