Orange County Fairgrounds Equestrian Center

There has been some talk circulating around recently saying that the OC Fairgrounds is planning on eliminating the equestrian center. There are three different plans the Fairgrounds are considering, and it does not appear at all in any of the three plans that there is any indication that the … [Read More...]

UPDATE: Austin

Many of you may remember our sweet boy, Austin, who we rescued last year. When we took him in, Austin had been abandoned by his owner because he was blind in one eye. He was underweight and his hooves were infected with a debilitating hoof bacteria. He still has scars on both hind legs from fungal … [Read More...]

UPDATE: Hope and Grace

Today was farrier day down at Hanaeleh! Our wonderful farrier, Josh Riley, came down to trim all of our horses. Hope and Grace got their second trim since they came to Hanaeleh, and Josh said that their feet look so much better! The seedy toe has grown out, and he was able to cut off the rest of the … [Read More...]