RIP: Popcorn

It is with great sadness that we have to let everyone know that Popcorn has passed away. He went down in his stall on Friday morning, and the person who fed him immediately called us. Three people immediately came down to help him up, but he was so weak that it was very difficult for him. We also … [Read More...]

Hanaeleh Halloween 2019

This past Saturday we had our Hanaeleh Halloween party. The volunteers dressed our horses up as various characters and paraded them around in the arena. Everyone seemed to have a fun time, including the horses- if nothing else, they were good sports about the entire thing! … [Read More...]

Elizabeth’s Big Check (Thank you IREM!)

I know this is very silly, but ever since I was nine years old I've wanted a really big check. I remember watching television, and a person was given a ginormous check. That check was HUGE! It was about four or five feet long and it took two hands to hold. I don't even remember what it was for at … [Read More...]