Summertime Heat at Hanaeleh

It's been very hot and humid at the ranch over the past month, and it's important to keep the horses cool and make sure they drink enough water to keep them safe and healthy. People have asked how we are able to keep the horses safe during this heat, so we wanted to let everyone know what we are … [Read More...]

Welcome Ollie!

We received a call several weeks ago about a 14 year old Irish Sport Horse named Ollie who needed a place to live. He was a retired Grand Prix jumper (which meant he was jumping 6 foot jumps!) but he had developed navicular and suspensory issues which prevented him from being ridden. Although his … [Read More...]

Noelle says: Thank You to Our Anonymous Donor!

We recently received some items from our wish list: molasses treats and some SWAT (ointment to put on cuts and scrapes), but there wasn't any information to let us know who the kind person was who sent them! :( If you sent them, please be sure to let us know!!! We are very thankful to those … [Read More...]