Garnet’s Surgery- Day One

Today we drove Garnet up to the hospital in preparation for her surgery Friday morning. It was thankfully much cooler than it has been over the past few days, which made the trip nicer for her. Garnet was not interested in getting into the trailer, but we had a short discussion and she walked … [Read More...]

UPDATE: Garnet, August 2021

It's been a few weeks since Garnet came to Hanaeleh, but her breathing was so bad when she came that we had the vet out to see if there was anything else we could do to help keep her comfortable. Her previous owner's vet had prescribed some medication to administer once a week, but we were hopeful … [Read More...]

Noelle and Venus Become Friends

It's been a few months since we moved Noelle up near Venus, but the girls have quickly become best friends! After a few weeks of being neighbors with Venus, Noelle started yelling for her and getting upset when we took her away from the stall, even though she had her buddy Rio to hang out with. … [Read More...]