Lou Dillon Goes to the Dentist

We noticed that Lou Dillon was having some difficulty eating his carrots over the past month, so we had the equine dentist out this week to float his teeth. Horses' teeth continue to grow throughout their lives, but because they are not eating like they would in the wild, compounded with the fact … [Read More...]

Lou Dillon Shares Quixote’s Food

Lou Dillon loves to eat Quixote's orchard hay- but only if it's Quixote's. If we try to give Lou Dillon orchard, he scoffs at it, and won't eat it- he only wants alfalfa hay. The hay on the other side of the stall is greener?  … [Read More...]

Hanaeleh’s Feral Kitties!

We have a lot of feral kitties at Hanaeleh. They are deemed as feral and non-adoptable by the animal shelters, and often they have no other options unless we are able to take them. The kitties are all spayed, neutered and vaccinated before they come to Hanaeleh, and they are various ages. We try to … [Read More...]