Thank you: Canyon Feed and Tack

We are so very thankful for so many people who help our rescue. We are dependent upon the community to continue to care for our horses and continue our work with equine advocacy. We cannot do this work without our dedicated volunteers and the people and businesses who support us. We have been … [Read More...]

Update: Cindy Lou 5-26-2020

This past week we moved some horses around- we took Hershey up to Natalie, one of our fosters, who has been caring for Cindy Lou and Noelle for the past six months- and brought Cindy Lou down to Hanaeleh. This is temporary- our hope is that we will find Cindy Lou a lovely new home and we will be … [Read More...]

Update: Haven and Cullen- May 2020

Haven and Cullen were moved a few months ago to a more permanent foster home in Orange Park Acres. They are doing very well, so we thought we would share a little update with them! They are currently being cared for by one of our board members, Kelley, and her group of mentees who she is training … [Read More...]