Noelle says: Thank You to Our Anonymous Donor!

We recently received some items from our wish list: molasses treats and some SWAT (ointment to put on cuts and scrapes), but there wasn't any information to let us know who the kind person was who sent them! :( If you sent them, please be sure to let us know!!! We are very thankful to those … [Read More...]

Noelle’s New Shoes

This past Sunday we had the farrier come out to trim the horses' feet. We keep all of our horses barefoot when it's possible, but sometimes horses need corrective shoes. It is very comforting to know that we have a farrier who can trim both a four-point barefoot trim as well as one who has the … [Read More...]

Sheep Shearing

The sheep were sheared this weekend! It is not as simple as just shaving the sheep as it is with clipping a horse- sheep shearing requires special training and specialized equipment. There are even special shoes that sheep shearers will wear! We are very lucky to have the man who used to be in … [Read More...]