Beware the “52 Thoroughbred” Horses Post!

Hello all! There are e-mails and viral social media posts that have been around for a few years saying that "52 Thoroughbreds need homes or they will be sent to slaughter." This was a valid post in 2011, but the horses were all saved, and now this just gets randomly circulated every six months or … [Read More...]

Laguna Woods: Four Horses Need Homes!

UPDATE: We received an e-mail on Tuesday, June 23rd that Blaze, Baby and Moonstar have found a good home but the center is still looking for a good home for Brandi.  She has DSLD, which means her suspensory tendons have essentially stretched out and she can no longer carry weight comfortably. She … [Read More...]

RIP Bonnie (Haven)

We are very saddened to announce that we have had to euthanize Bonnie (She was originally named Haven, but the volunteers at her foster home had begun calling her "Bonnie" and her friend "Clyde"). She seemed fine in the morning when she was fed, but later that day one of the volunteers realized … [Read More...]