Baldwin Park, CA: 20 y/o Quarter Horse Needs Home

Parker is a 20 year-old chestnut Quarter horse who needs a home. He is currently at Baldwin Park Animal Shelter- this is the same shelter where we rescued Lou Dillon. He was found as a stray horse, wandering around Compton, CA. He was emaciated, had a growth on his genitals, horrible thrush in his … [Read More...]

A Real Life Black Beauty: Older Arabian Gelding Needs Home

SAN DIEGO, CA: This is a story about a real life Black Beauty who needs to find his "Joe," or his final home. This is a horse who has worked hard for people for almost 30 years. This is a horse that we at Hanaeleh truly wish we had a place for, but we just don't have any open stalls, and so we are … [Read More...]

Welcome Noelle!

Noelle's Rescue Hanaeleh rescued Noelle in December 2019. Auction Horses Rescue (AHR) had originally tried to rescue her from an auction, but she was purchased by someone else. Concerned about her well-being, they gave the owner their information in case things did not work out. After a short time, … [Read More...]