Introducing Devon at Hanaeleh!

Last Friday we picked up Devon, a very cute 18 year-old Canadian Thoroughbred.  Devon had hurt his suspensories earlier in the year, and was on stall rest, then ended up contracting EHV at his stable. He was very sick, but his owners were able to take him to the hospital, and after several weeks he … [Read More...]

UPDATE: Brutus’ New Home!

We are very pleased to announce that Brutus has found his new home! His new mom, Kelley, is a long-time friend of Hanaeleh. We met Kelley when she was running a private school and her students were coming out to work with horses at Bethany's Gait, when we were sharing the same facility. We lost … [Read More...]

URGENT! 15 y/o Mustang Gelding in Danger- Needs Home ASAP

We received a call from a woman in Bakersfield who is desperately trying to find a home for a horse at her stable. He is a 15 year old Mustang gelding, who was caught in the wild when he was just a foal. He was injured during the roundup and has a hip injury.  The people at the stable don't know if … [Read More...]