Ulysses’ Cellulitis and His Road to Recovery

Ulysses has had a few difficult weeks. On Tuesday, April 9th, we received a call from one of our team members, Logan, who told us that Ulysses' leg was swollen, and immediately one of our board members, Eric, went down to see him. Eric determined that Ulysses definitely needed veterinary care and … [Read More...]

For Adoption: Star (2 year old Filly)

Please help Star find her forever home! We rescued Starlight (Star) from slaughter last year, and sent her to a trainer's to learn basic groundwork. She has done AMAZING and is the sweetest thing ever! Star is about two years old, and we don't really know exactly what her breed is- it looks … [Read More...]

For Adoption: Abe the Mule

Abe, the mule is looking for his forever home. We told the story of Abe a few months ago when we rescued him from slaughter last year, and he has spent the last eight months working with a trainer, getting him used to people and able to be handled. Abe about three or four years old, and is … [Read More...]