Update: Quixote

We had a bit of a scare with Quixote this past weekend. When we arrived at the barn that morning, he looked good, and ate his breakfast without a problem. We exercised him, and while he was lazy (as usual), he still looked fine. A few hours later, however, when we went to give him his grain, he … [Read More...]

Update: Haven and Cullen- May 2020

Haven and Cullen were moved a few months ago to a more permanent foster home in Orange Park Acres. They are doing very well, so we thought we would share a little update with them! They are currently being cared for by one of our board members, Kelley, and her group of mentees who she is training … [Read More...]

Ranch Renovation: Hanaeleh’s Unplanned Rebuilding

When Hanaeleh moved to our current facility about 10 years ago, there were a handful of pipes and shelters left on the property from the owner that we were able to utilize. They weren't in the best condition, but they were useable for the time being. Over the years, however, we have been able to … [Read More...]