RIP Noelle

It is with a very heavy heart that we have to report that Noelle passed away this week. Noelle was rescued in December, 2015, with the help of Natalie W. and Auction Horses Rescue. Noelle was a cute little sorrel Quarter horse who was best friends with Venus and loved her volunteer, Leslie, who had … [Read More...]

Surviving the Storm

California is in the middle of a major storm event, but thankfully we are south enough of the worst of the rain and wind that has been doing so much damage to areas in the north. That being said, we are still being hit by a fair amount of rain and wind and a voluntary evacuation order has been … [Read More...]

Bowling Fundraiser for Hanaeleh

Lanes and Manes Fundraiser We are very pleased to announce that the group Angels Among Us is holding a bowling fundraiser down here in South Orange County, with the proceeds going to help the horses at Hanaeleh! There will be a $1,000 grand prize, as well as a number of mini-games for those who are … [Read More...]