Southern California: Looking for Stall for 29 y/o Mare

We were contacted by a woman who is looking for a place to board her mare for a short time until she can find a more permanent place. Williamette is a 29 year-old mare who has been a medical service animal, and is very sweet and easy to work with. Williamette requires soaked pellets instead of hay- … [Read More...]

Raven Goes to School

We are excited to share that Raven took a field trip last week to visit Canyon High School! Hanaeleh's president, Elizabeth Zarkos, is an English teacher at Canyon, and she wanted to find a way to help introduce horses to the students. A few years ago, Hanaeleh had a grant that allowed us to … [Read More...]

Hanaeleh Work Day 3-19-23

We had several people come out to our work day on Sunday, and with their help we were able to get a LOT done! First, we put in two yards of gravel and sand underneath Quixote and Lou Dillon's stalls to help level them out and raise them a little. There is an underground spring that will sometimes … [Read More...]