Podcast: Gypsy’s Story and the Beginning of Hanaeleh

A few weeks ago I was invited to speak on The Rescued Horse podcast, put on by Don Harmon. Don asked me to think about a situation in which we rescued a horse, especially one who was at risk of being sent to slaughter. I wracked my brain: who do I talk about? We have so many horses we have rescued, … [Read More...]

Update: Titan (November 2017)

Last August we were contacted by our veterinarian, who asked us to take Titan. Titan had torn suspensories on both hind legs. He had a long rehab ahead of him, but after his rehab, he would be sound and rideable. We did take Titan, and were faced with at least six months and potentially a year of … [Read More...]

Sad News: Las Vegas Shooting and Hanaeleh

The mass shooting in Las Vegas on Sunday night has been devastating to our nation. It has hit especially close to the Hanaeleh family as well; Katie, our volunteer coordinator, notified us that her daughter was shot in the head that fateful night. We are incredibly thankful that Katie's daughter … [Read More...]