Guess Who’s Back? Abe, The Little Orphan Mule!

Yes, it's true- Abe the little orphan mule has returned to Hanaeleh. When we took Abe to his adoptive home a few weeks ago, we had very high hopes that he would be an exceptional companion for their gelding Rusty. Indeed, things seemed fine for several days and the boys got along … [Read More...]

The Sheep Get a New Haircut!

This past weekend the sheep were sheared! This is an ordeal that takes just a few minutes for each sheep, but definitely requires a skilled sheep shearer with the appropriate equipment. We are very lucky that Daryll Ruffolo comes out to shear the sheep every year, because he understands the special … [Read More...]

Abe the Orphan Mule Gets a Home!

We are so pleased to report that Abe the mule has a new home! Abe came to us last year when we rescued him and four foals from a feedlot that directly ships horses to slaughterhouses. The adult horses had already been shipped for slaughter, but the trader was hoping to get some money for the foals. … [Read More...]