Washington State: 18 y/o Paint Mare Needs Rescue!

We were contacted by a woman who is trying to save a camp horse from slaughter. Camp horses are those lovely horses your children ride around during summer camp- in this instance, it is a YMCA in Washington state. These horses are used for the duration of the camp, then often returned to a feedlot … [Read More...]

Phelan, CA: 20 y/o Arabian Gelding Needs Home

We were contacted by a woman who is trying to help a horse at her barn. The owner, an elderly woman, passed away, and no one wanted her horse. A woman at the barn offered to help find him a home. Jackson is a 20 y/o bay Arabian gelding. He is rideable, and was being ridden by his owner who was 70 … [Read More...]

Cody Has A New Home!

A few weeks ago we posted about Cody, a Missouri Foxtrotter whose owner no longer had much time for him. We are happy to say that Cody has a wonderful new home! We had several people interested in adopting Cody, and we had a few people come out to ride him to see if he would be a good fit for … [Read More...]