Elizabeth’s Big Check (Thank you IREM!)

I know this is very silly, but ever since I was nine years old I've wanted a really big check. I remember watching television, and a person was given a ginormous check. That check was HUGE! It was about four or five feet long and it took two hands to hold. I don't even remember what it was for at … [Read More...]

RIP Onyx

We have the very sad news to report that we had to make the very difficult decision to say goodbye to our girl, Onyx. For those who may not remember, we took in this poor girl last year as she was literally dying from her lack of care. Her owner continued to ride her even when she had abscesses, … [Read More...]

SAFE!: San Juan Capistrano, CA: 22 y/o QH Mare Needs Home

October 14, 2019: We just got word that Squeeze found a new home! Her owner said that the new owner just loves Squeeze, and Squeeze loves her as well! What a wonderful ending! We hope that Squeeze and her new owner have many happy years together. :)   Original Post Below We received a … [Read More...]