Orange, CA: 10 y/o Appendix mare Needs Home

Lisa Ray is a 10 year-old bay Appendix (Quarter horse and Thoroughbred cross) who needs a home. Her owner passed away in a tragic accident and her young daughter is not in the position to care for her. She is located in Orange Park Acres, in Orange County, CA. Lisa Ray is about 15 hands, and has … [Read More...]

Lou Dillon Gets His Teeth Floated

This past week we had the vet out to float Lou Dillon's teeth. Unlike human teeth, horses' teeth continue to grow throughout their lifetime. In the wild, horses are constantly eating, and that wears them down evenly. Unfortunately, in captive situations, such as keeping horses in stalls or dry … [Read More...]

Horses Who Need Homes

Hanaeleh helps to network horses who need homes, free of charge. These horses are offered free to a good home, but an adoption agreement and contract are suggested. Hanaeleh is not responsible for any of the information provided and does not know anything beyond what is listed in the post- please … [Read More...]