Orange County: 3 y/o Male Nebelung Kitty Needs Home!

We rescued a three year-old neutered male kitty this weekend from the animal shelter. They called us and thought that he might be a good fit as a ranch cat, but we quickly realized he's much too tame and would not be a good fit to live at the ranch. He really loves being petted, but can get … [Read More...]

Gabriel Returns to Hanaeleh

Last year we took in Gabriel, a cute little horse we were told was a Friesian cross. He's pretty small for a Friesian, but he's very cute, and has a lovely emo-type mane and tail! Gabriel was adopted out last year, but his owner contacted us this month and said that Gabriel was having issues … [Read More...]

Driveway and Stall Rehaul and Repair

This past week was very busy out at the ranch! In addition to everything being very hot and dry, we did a LOT of physical labor getting the ranch ready for winter! Driveway Project The owner of the property helped us improve the driveway last week by first smoothing out all of the ruts with his … [Read More...]