RIP Rylee

Rylee came to Hanaeleh in January 2023. Her previous owner had purchased her from an auction in Texas, and discovered that Rylee had DSLD, which is a painful stretching of the tendons in her leg, which meant that she could not be ridden without pain. Soon after, Rylee's owner was in a terrible a … [Read More...]

Guess Who’s Back? Abe, The Little Orphan Mule!

Yes, it's true- Abe the little orphan mule has returned to Hanaeleh. When we took Abe to his adoptive home a few weeks ago, we had very high hopes that he would be an exceptional companion for their gelding Rusty. Indeed, things seemed fine for several days and the boys got along … [Read More...]

The Two AQHA Mares, Holly and Bear, Are Safe!

AQHA Mares On Mother's Day Sunday, we took the two AQHA mares, Holly and Bear, up to their new home! We had posted about them on social media and on our website, trying to find them a home, preferably together. We had several inquiries, but for several weeks no one would commit to taking on two … [Read More...]