Saying Goodbye to Our Sweet Aurora – RIP

It is with incredible sadness that we must announce the passing of our dear friend Aurora. She began to experience signs of colic early Saturday morning 7-14-18, when she went down in her stall and refused to get back up. We immediately called the vet and after several minutes she was finally … [Read More...]

Update: Onyx Gets a Haircut

We have had Onyx for about two weeks now. We thought we would give a little update so everyone can keep tabs on our newest princess! WEEK ONE The first week we had her was a little rough: she came to Hanaeleh (a new place) and was put into the quarantine stall; was examined by the vet and had … [Read More...]

Update: Jesse is Loving His New Home!

Jesse's new mom contacted us the other day and said that Jesse was doing wonderfully in his new home! She said, "I'm totally in love!" She also was able to take his cribbing collar off 100% of the time after the second week because he is in a crib-free stall during the evening, and is out in pasture … [Read More...]