RIP Sapphire

It is with a very heavy heart that we must report the devastating news that Sapphire passed away this past week. We are all heartbroken. A few years ago, Sapphire was bitten by a black widow spider, and even though we had the vet out immediately, she developed cellulitis (a bacterial infection … [Read More...]

Horses and the Rain

Winter has finally come to Southern California, and it came with a few back-to-back rainstorms as well as some hail! Thankfully all of the horses have shelters and have been safe and dry. This weekend while we had some sunny days we took advantage of the weather and groomed some of the horses. A … [Read More...]

Lou Dillon Goes to the Dentist

We noticed that Lou Dillon was having some difficulty eating his carrots over the past month, so we had the equine dentist out this week to float his teeth. Horses' teeth continue to grow throughout their lives, but because they are not eating like they would in the wild, compounded with the fact … [Read More...]