Cindy Lou and the Wormer

It's been almost a year since we rescued Cindy Lou. She had been a "dude ranch" horse and then a broodmare. When the dude ranch went bankrupt, she was left with her colt and was not touched for close to six years. When the ranch was taken over, the lawyers in charge of liquidating the ranch called … [Read More...]

Driving Hershey

I have always been fascinated with horse driving, but it is an expensive and exacting sport. Several years ago when we rescued a Friesian named D'Artagnan, I had a short foray into the horse driving discipline. He was enjoyable to drive, as long as you didn't want to stop (stopping is actually very … [Read More...]

Hanaeleh’s Feral Kitties!

We have a lot of feral kitties at Hanaeleh. They are deemed as feral and non-adoptable by the animal shelters, and often they have no other options unless we are able to take them. The kitties are all spayed, neutered and vaccinated before they come to Hanaeleh, and they are various ages. We try to … [Read More...]