Apple Valley, CA: 8 y/o Palomino Mustang Mare Needs Home!

Hanaeleh helps to network horses who need homes, free of charge. These horses are offered free to a good home, but an adoption agreement and contract are often suggested. Hanaeleh is not responsible for any of the information provided and does not know anything beyond what is listed in the post- … [Read More...]

UPDATE: Hope and Grace’s New Home

We are so very pleased to tell you that Hope and Grace have found a wonderful new home! Yes, the perfect home came around for these lovely ladies that allowed them to not only stay together, but have a safe place through their retirement. We were contacted by Barbara, a marriage and family … [Read More...]

Equine Advocacy Voting Records – California

Next week millions of people will go to the polls and will vote for their various representatives. During this volatile election year, people are often torn about who they should vote for, and why. People vote based upon a number of different issues, including how their representatives vote on … [Read More...]