Welcome Noelle!

Noelle's Rescue Hanaeleh rescued Noelle in December 2019. Auction Horses Rescue (AHR) had originally tried to rescue her from an auction, but she was purchased by someone else. Concerned about her well-being, they gave the owner their information in case things did not work out. After a short time, … [Read More...]

Thank You to Our Amazing Supporters!

Our supporters are the most amazing people! We have had several people send the horses treats and supplies from our wish lists at both Chewy and Amazon! Some people ask- do we really go through all of these supplies? The answer is YES! It takes a lot to give the best care to 15 horses, but we … [Read More...]

Treats for Tama

One of our wonderful supporters, Margot, brought out some homemade cookies and treats for the horses. Tamahome approves of them! … [Read More...]