UPDATE: Austin!

You may remember Austin, a Quarter horse we took in in 2017. His owner had abandoned him at a neighboring facility because Austin was blind in one eye. Austin was underweight, had no muscle tone, he had been standing in muck and his hooves were diseased, and he had scars from fungus on his legs that … [Read More...]

Orange County, CA: Missouri Foxtrotter Needs Home

Last year we helped facilitate the adoption of Cody, a cute buckskin Missouri Foxtrotter gelding whose owner was looking for a home for him. He was quickly adopted by one of our supporters who had previously adopted another horse from us. Unfortunately, the new owner is working a lot and just does … [Read More...]

Introducing Freya: Her Rescue – Part Two

Last week we wrote about all of the drama involved before we picked up Freya. You can read the first post HERE. this week's post is about picking her up and the beginning of her rehabilitation. We were going to wait to pick the new horse up until the end of the month, but thankfully we were able … [Read More...]