The Two AQHA Mares, Holly and Bear, Are Safe!

AQHA Mares On Mother's Day Sunday, we took the two AQHA mares, Holly and Bear, up to their new home! We had posted about them on social media and on our website, trying to find them a home, preferably together. We had several inquiries, but for several weeks no one would commit to taking on two … [Read More...]

The Sheep Get a New Haircut!

This past weekend the sheep were sheared! This is an ordeal that takes just a few minutes for each sheep, but definitely requires a skilled sheep shearer with the appropriate equipment. We are very lucky that Daryll Ruffolo comes out to shear the sheep every year, because he understands the special … [Read More...]

Rylee’s Journey with DSLD and Recent Improvements

A few weeks ago we noticed that Rylee was having some issues and seemed to be uncomfortable and in pain. Rylee is a Peruvian Paso who we rescued in January 2023, and she came to us because she suffers from a congenital issue called Degenerative suspensory ligament desmitis (DSLD), which can cause … [Read More...]