RIP: Popcorn

It is with great sadness that we have to let everyone know that Popcorn has passed away. He went down in his stall on Friday morning, and the person who fed him immediately called us. Three people immediately came down to help him up, but he was so weak that it was very difficult for him. We also … [Read More...]

Pacific Life Workday

The Pacific Life Group employees came out last week and painted our sheds for us! They did an excellent job making sure all of our sheds were all painted and ready for the winter! One of our board members and volunteers, Sally W., used to work for Pacific Life, so we were definitely thinking … [Read More...]

Hope and Grace Return

Last year at this time we adopted out Hope and Grace to what we had believed would be their forever home. They were going to live in Malibu in a large paddock with a steady gelding, only a mile or so from the ocean. We were so happy to know that these girls were going to live out the rest of their … [Read More...]