Sad News: Las Vegas Shooting and Hanaeleh

The mass shooting in Las Vegas on Sunday night has been devastating to our nation. It has hit especially close to the Hanaeleh family as well; Katie, our volunteer coordinator, notified us that her daughter was shot in the head that fateful night. We are incredibly thankful that Katie's daughter … [Read More...]

Los Angeles, CA: 20 y/o Thoroughbred Gelding Needs Home

Hanaeleh helps to network horses who need homes, free of charge. These horses are offered free to a good home, but an adoption agreement and contract are often suggested. Hanaeleh is not responsible for any of the information provided and does not know anything beyond what is listed in the post- … [Read More...]

Riverside Animal Control: 14 Horses Need Homes ASAP

Last Wednesday, Riverside Animal Control responded to call stating that horses were being starved on a ranch in Nuevo, CA. This was not the first time they had gone out to that ranch for the same reason; just last year, they investigated cases of neglect and seized 23 horses from that same property. … [Read More...]