Update: Stetson (September, 2020)

Stetson is a 29 year-old Quarter horse who spent most of his life as a lesson horse at a local stable, helping to teach people how to ride. He developed Cushings, which the owner treated, but when Stetson developed neurological issues at the age of 25 and would start tripping, it was obvious that he … [Read More...]

RIP Clyde/Cullen

It is with great sadness that we report that Clyde/Cullen has passed away. Clyde has been with us since February of this year (just a few months). We rescued him and another horse, Bonnie/Haven, from a truly horrible situation. They had been starved and neglected for a very long time. We weren't … [Read More...]

Update: Clyde (August, 2020)

  Clyde/Cullen has been living over in a foster home in Orange Park Acres for the past several months. He and Bonnie/Haven came to us in February, starving and severely neglected. Their owner hadn't taken care of them or fed them for a long time, and they were a week away from starving to … [Read More...]