Lake Forest, CA: 15 y/o QH/Thoroughbred Mare Needs Home

Hanaeleh was recently contacted by Shauna who runs Rising Strides because she needs help rehoming one of her horses, Grace. Grace has had two minor seizures, and while she is still rideable, there is a risk that she could have a seizure while under saddle. The seizures do not prevent her from having … [Read More...]

UPDATE: Sapphire

Our lovely Sapphire developed cellulitis a few weeks ago in her left hind leg. Cellulitis is a bacterial infection that occurs underneath the skin, often from a small wound. Unfortunately, Sapphire is just not as able to fight off infection due to her age, and while we do inspect the horses daily, … [Read More...]

UPDATE: Popcorn

We've had Popcorn a few weeks now, and he is doing very well! We put him in a stall next to Quixote, but he began weaving a lot, so we put him into a larger paddock... where he still weaves a lot. Popcorn is in love with Devon, who lives next door, and he will weave even when Devon is standing right … [Read More...]