Washington State: 18 y/o Paint Mare Needs Rescue!

We were contacted by a woman who is trying to save a camp horse from slaughter. Camp horses are those lovely horses your children ride around during summer camp- in this instance, it is a YMCA in Washington state. These horses are used for the duration of the camp, then often returned to a feedlot … [Read More...]

Cody Has A New Home!

A few weeks ago we posted about Cody, a Missouri Foxtrotter whose owner no longer had much time for him. We are happy to say that Cody has a wonderful new home! We had several people interested in adopting Cody, and we had a few people come out to ride him to see if he would be a good fit for … [Read More...]

UPDATE: Austin!

You may remember Austin, a Quarter horse we took in in 2017. His owner had abandoned him at a neighboring facility because Austin was blind in one eye. Austin was underweight, had no muscle tone, he had been standing in muck and his hooves were diseased, and he had scars from fungus on his legs that … [Read More...]