Orange County Fairgrounds Equestrian Center

There has been some talk circulating around recently saying that the OC Fairgrounds is planning on eliminating the equestrian center. There are three different plans the Fairgrounds are considering, and it does not appear at all in any of the three plans that there is any indication that the … [Read More...]

Huge Thank You to Havens Horse Feed

We recently received a donation of 60 (yes, 60!) bags of grain from Havens Horse Feed. They donated bags of both their Basis Sport pellets and the Power Plus Muesli. We have been feeding the horses the grain for the past few weeks and the horses LOVE it! We hadn't heard about Havens Horse Feed, … [Read More...]


A few months ago, we posted about Cody, a Missouri Foxtrotter who needed a new home. He had bucked off his owner, and she felt that he was no longer safe for her to ride. Cody found a wonderful new home with a woman named Stephanie, who had adopted one of our horses, Montana, a few years ago. Cody … [Read More...]