Representatives Who Do Not Support the SAFE Act

This is a short list of representatives who have not yet co-sponsored the anti-horse-slaughter SAFE Act S.1214 and HR.1942 (Safeguard America Food Exports Act). The committee members have an asterisk (*) by their names. Please start calling these representatives and ask them to sponsor S. 1214/HR. … [Read More...]

Hanaeleh Meets with Local Legislator on SAFE Act

Last week I met with Hannah Hess, a staffer for Mimi Walters. Mimi Walters is the representative for our area, and unfortunately, she is not a co-sponsor for HR 1942, the SAFE Act. I met Hess in Walter's office in Irvine. I was somewhat surprised that Hess was not familiar with the bill, so I … [Read More...]

Update: Delilah

We received an update on Delilah from her new owner, Michaela. They are so happy together! Please read their update from Michaela below! ------------------------------------------- Delilah and I are doing very well! It's been almost one year since we started the CCNU Chemo treatments to … [Read More...]