UPDATE: Cinnamon

You may remember our post about Cinnamon that we put up in early April. We were very thankful that we had a few people offer to take her, but the first person was a wonderful woman who wanted Cinnamon as a companion for her mare, who was also lame and had barbed wire scars across her legs from her … [Read More...]

Monrovia, CA: 10 y/o Pit Bill Needs Foster/Home

When we delivered Cinnamon on Sunday, we were told also about a 10 year-old, AKC Champion bloodline Blue Pit Bull dog (unneutered) who needs a home. His family lost their lease on their previous home, and have not been able to find a new apartment that will accept their dog, Houdi.  They are looking … [Read More...]

Riverside, CA: 12 y/o Appendix Mare Needs Home

Hanaeleh helps to network horses who need homes, free of charge. These horses are offered free to a good home, but an adoption agreement and contract are often suggested. Hanaeleh is not responsible for any of the information provided and does not know anything beyond what is listed in the post- … [Read More...]