A Horse’s View of the Kentucky Derby

Today marks the 142nd year of the Kentucky Derby. As we have several Thoroughbreds at Hanaeleh, I thought it would be interesting to get a horse's point-of-view of the race.   Brutus- 5 year-old Thoroughbred I was bred to race, although you would not know it from my conformation. My … [Read More...]

UPDATE: Cinnamon

You may remember our post about Cinnamon that we put up in early April. We were very thankful that we had a few people offer to take her, but the first person was a wonderful woman who wanted Cinnamon as a companion for her mare, who was also lame and had barbed wire scars across her legs from her … [Read More...]

Monrovia, CA: 10 y/o Pit Bill Needs Foster/Home

When we delivered Cinnamon on Sunday, we were told also about a 10 year-old, AKC Champion bloodline Blue Pit Bull dog (unneutered) who needs a home. His family lost their lease on their previous home, and have not been able to find a new apartment that will accept their dog, Houdi.  They are looking … [Read More...]